The actors Jan Henrik Stahlberg (“Muxmäuschenstill”) and Franz Rogowski (“Victoria”) play the leading roles in the film “Fikkefuchs”. Jan Henrik Stahlberg also directed the feature film and co-wrote the script together with Wolfram Fleischauer. Fikkefuchs was produced by Saralisa Volm in coproduction with Jan Henrik Stahlberg and Wolfram Fleischauer.



Rocky (Jan Henrik Stahlberg) is a 50-year-old loner, whose days as a lady’s man only exist in his memories. One day Thorben (Franz Rogowski) appears and Rocky is facing a new challenge. The young man claims to be Rocky’s son and is asking his father for help. Thorben wants to learn how to get women and so the completely overwhelmed and useless father and the ignorant son set out to get laid… and fail.



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