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Ludwig Trepte played his first leading part in “Kombat Sechzehn” (2005). He then played parts in films such as “Guten Morgen, Herr Grothe” (2008) and “Ihr könnt euch niemals sicher sein” (2009), for each of which he was awarded a Grimme-Preis and for the latter also the special award for best leading actor at the Baden Baden television film festival. For his role as Paul in the feature film “Keller-Teenage Wasteland” he was awarded the prize for “Best Up-and-Coming Actor” at the 27th Max Ophüls Film Festival 2006.


In 2008, he received the young talent award of the Golden Camera followed by the “Curd Jürgens/Lili Palmer Memorial Camera”. Ludwig Trepte received international attention as Viktor Goldstein in “Generation War”. The film was awarded the international EMMY in the category TV Movie/Mini-Series in 2014.The eight-part series “Deutschland 83” (2015), in which he plays the general’s son Alexander Edel, was praised by the national and international press. The series was selected as the “Best International Series” at the “Festival Séries Mania” in France in 2015 and received the international EMMY in the category TV Movie /Mini-Series.


In addition, “Deutschland 83” was the first German series to premiere on American television.Before “Deutschland 83”, Ludwig Trepte played the leading role in the short film “The Last Will” by Dustin Loose, based on the short story of the same name by the Swedish bestselling author Håkan Nesser. In 2015 the short film was awarded the Student Oscar of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles.The actor performed outstandingly as the violent rocker Nico, alongside Frederick Lau and Kida Khodr Ramadan in the mini- series “4 Blocks” (2016). This series also caused a sensation both nationally and internationally: “4 Blocks” was awarded the Grimme Prize and the Golden Camera, among others.Ludwig Trepte has appeared in numerous film and television productions in recent years.


Among them in the ZDF three-part TV film “Tannbach” (2014, directed by Alexander Diehrbach), “Bornholmer Straße” (2013, directed by Christian Schwuchow), “Eine mörderische Entscheidung” (2012, directed by Raymond Lay), “Deckname Luna” (2011, directed by Ute Wieland), “Die Kinder der Villa Emma” (2015, directed by Nikolaus Leytner), and in “Katharina Luther” as the scholar Melanchton (2016, directed by Julia von Heinz).Most recently he appeared on the cinema screen alongside Jella Haase and Saskia Rosendahl in the drama “Nirgendwo” (2016, directed by Matthias Starte), in which he played the leading part of the student Danny.In 2017 he stood in front of the camera again as son general Alexander Edel for "Deutschland 86" and the movie "Spielmacher".


In the following year, Ludwig Trepte appeared in the ZDFneo series "Tanken - mehr als Super", the TV movie "Charlotte Link: Im Tal des Totes" as well as in the second season of "4 Blocks". He then took on one of the leading roles in the Bauhaus series "Die neue Zeit" directed by Lars Kraume. The production was invited to the international competition of the 2019 Cannesseries and can be seen on ZDF from fall 2019.

In 2019, Ludwig Trepte was in front of the camera for the shooting of the mini-series "Unsere wunderbaren Jahre" as well as for the feature film "Lauras Stern". From 2019 to 2023, Ludwig Trepte was ambassador of the German Red Cross and worked to spread international humanitarian law.

In 2020, the actor was in front of the camera for the feature film "Am Ende der Worte" directed by Nina Vukovic with Lisa Vicari.

In 2022 Ludwig Trepte appeared in the second season of "Unsere wunderbaren Jahre", the new ARD series "Asbest", in "Tatort - Du bist mein" (AT) from Mainz and the feature film "WOW - Nachricht aus dem All".

In 2023, he was in "Asbest" as Champagne Charlie and in the 2nd season of "Unsere wunderbaren Jahre" on ARD. It was also followed in autumn by "Tatort - Du bist mein" from Mainz. On 14.12.2023, the children's film "WOW - Nachricht aus dem All" will be released in cinemas.

Since October 2023, he has supported the #InDenFokus project together with 32 aid organisations and the Federal Foreign Office. As part of the project, he visited various projects in South Sudan run by Aktion gegen den Hunger, CARE Deutschland e.V., Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, Johanniter and Malteser International during a seven-day trip.

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