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Daniel Zillmann gave his cinematic screen debut in “NVA” directed by Leander Haussmann in 2005. This was followed by the feature films “Buddy”,directed by Bully Herbig, “Zettl” by Helmut Dietl, “The Girl with Nine Wigs” by Marc Rothemund and “The Wild Soccer Bunch” by Joachim Masannek.Zilmann shows his varied repertoire of drama and comedy not only in film and on stage but also lends his voice as a dubbing actor. He could be heard in the German versions of “Brave”, “Zootopia“, “Hotel Transylvania 1+2“ and “Big Hero 6”.


In 2014 Frank Castorf discovered him for “Volksbühne Berlin”. Since then Daniel Zillmann has played the double role of Mrs. Solness and Ragnar Brovik in the play “The Master Builder” directed by Frank Castorf, Alexej in Dostoevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov“ and Zacharie Moyron in “Die Kabale der Scheinheiligen".


2015 he made the ZDF short series “The Same Sky” directed by Oliver Hierschbiegel, which premiered at Berlinale Series Special 2017.​2017 the actor was seen in “The Same Sky” and “Metalfarm“ by Holger Haase, as well as “Der König von Berlin” by Lars Kraume and „Charlies Weg“ by Philipp Eich­holtz. Ever active, he gave his debut at “Schauspielhaus Hamburg” with the play ”Ich kann nicht mehr” under the direction of René Pollesch and as Monsieur Bordenave in Frank Castorf's “Faust” at “Volksbühne Berlin”.


His last play at Volksbühne was „Das schwache Herz“ because he had to step in last minute for a sick colleague. So the premiere of the play was the first run-through for him. The press celebrated his performance frenetic. This was followed by the shooting for the film “Li­lia­ne Sus­e­wind”, “Löwenzahn” and the ZDF movie “Schattengrund”.


Once again he worked together with Frank Castorf for the play "Der haarige Affe" at Schauspielhaus Hamburg in 2018. Afterwards Daniel Zillmann was part of Frank Castorfs play “Hunger”, adapted from a novel by Knut Hamsuns, at the Salzburg Festival. This was followed by a leading role in the ZDFneo series “Tanken – Alles außer super”.


For his performance he was nominated as “Best Actor National” for Jupiter Award. Furthermore he filmed the film version of the Bestseller "Die Känguru-Chroniken" directed by Dani Levy and the series “Andere Eltern” for TNT Comedy. The Mocumentary premiered in March 2019.Currently the actor is shooting for the second season of "Andere Eltern" as well as for the new VOX series "Rampensau".

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