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David Schütter completed his acting training at “Schule für Schauspiel Hamburg” from 2009 to 2012. Already during his studies he stood in front of the camera for various TV productions. After his graduation he made his cinema debut in the youth drama "Gaming Instinct" under the direction of Gregor Schnitzler as well as an episode leading role in the ZDF television film "Marie Brand und das Mädchen im Ring". 


In 2014 his portrayal of the hustler Damon in the movie "Porn Punk Poerty" as well as that of Neo-Nazi Sandro in the award-winning youth drama "We are young. We are strong." caused a sensation. The film festival "Un festival c'est trop court!" in Nice awarded him as "Best Male Actor" for "Porn Punk Poetry". As a highly talented soccer player the actor convinced once more attention in the mystery series "Weinberg". This was followed by further film productions like "Tatort - Das Muli", "Offline – Are you ready for the next level?", "The cold heart" and "Unsere Zeit ist jetzt". For his performance of the showman Pepe in the feature film "Strawberry Bubblegum" he received the Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis as "Best Young Actor". 


2018 followed another leading role in the improvised novel adaptation "Right here right now" by Jakob Lass. The actor also impersonated an unscrupulous real estate shark in the second season of the successful TV series "4 Blocks". David Schütter also appeared in the Oscar nominated movie "Never Look Away" by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarcks.


In February 2019 he celebrated its world premiere with "8 Days" at the Berlinale as part of the Berlinale Series. In the End Time Miniseries David Schütter took on one of the leading roles as the salvific Messiah. In the same year the two-part TV thriller "Walpurgis Night - The Girls and Death" followed as well as the feature film "Charlie's Angels" directed by Elizabeth Banks.


In 2020, David Schütter took on one of the leading roles in the ARD multi-part series "Unsere wunderbaren Jahre" and filmed the mini-series "Westwall".


As Folkwin Wolfspeer, the actor took on one of the main roles in the Netflix success "Barbarians". The series premiered at the end of 2020. Within the first four weeks, over 37 million households worldwide watched the German series - according to Netflix, "a new record for a non-English Netflix series".

In October 2022, David Schütter starred in "In einem Land das es nicht mehr gibt" in the cinemas. Here he plays the rebellious photographer Coyote, who moves in the fashion scene of the GDR. He was awarded the Günter Rohrbach Prize 2022 for his acting performance. In addition, the second season of "Barbarians" premiered on Netflix in autumn. At the same time, he was in front of the camera for the political thriller miniseries "Herrhausen - Der Herr des Geldes".

For his acting performance as police officer Leon in "Die Macht der Frauen" (ZDF/ARTE), David Schütter received the special award for "Best Actor" at the German TV Crime Festival 2023. At the Munich Film Festival 2023, "Herrhausen - Der Herr des Geldes" celebrated its premiere.



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