Sebastian Schwarz was a student at the “Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art”from 2005 till 2008. While he was studying, he worked at various theaters, such as “Deutsches Theater” in the role of Danton in the play “Danton´s Death”.


Since 2008 he is a company member of the “Schaubühne Berlin”. There the versatile actor performs in plays like “Nibelung’s” as Siegfried, “Stück Plastik” in the role of Serge Haulupa, as Count Paris, as wet nurse and Sampson in „Romeo and Juliet“. In 2014 he gave a guest performance with the play “The Marriage of Maria Braun” at the festival of Avignon. In December 2016, the play "Professor Bernhardi" under the direction of Thomas Ostermeier had his premiere with him as Dr. Ebenwald at “Schaubühne Berlin”.


“Polska Love Serenade”, a feature film which was nominated for the Max Ophuels Award, was Sebastians cinematic screen debut in 2007. This was followed by films like “Résiste – Aufstand der Praktikanten”, “Die letzte Lüge”, “Mängelexemplar” and “Beste Freunde”.


He also showed his talent in different TV formats like “Im Angesicht des Verbrechens” and “Tatort”. In 2016 he played under the direction of Laura Lackmann in the film "Eine sachliche Romanze".


As of January 2017, Sebastian Schwarz was to be seen as Frank Weber in a leading role in the ARD Primetime series "Frau Temme sucht das Glück". The German Academy for Film and Television nominated him for his performance in the category "Best Supporting Role".


For Bully Herbig's new feature film "Der Ballon" as well as Katharina Wackernagel´s "Wenn Fliegen träumen" he stood in front of the camera in 2017. Together with Rosalie Thomas he shot the short film "Kleptomami" directed by Pola Beck. In the same year he caused a sensation with his performance of Ralf Peng in Marius by Mayenburg´s Stück "Peng" at the Schaubühne Berlin.


In 2018 Sebastian Schwarz shot the Culture-Clash-Dramedy series "Deutsch-les-Landes". The German-French joint project was produced by Bavaria Fiction in cooperation with Telfrance for Deutsche Telekom and Amazon Prime Video. The series began on November 1 with the actor in the leading role at Deutsche Telekom.


The play "Italenische Nacht" directed by Thomas Ostermeier premiered at the Schaubühne Berlin on 23 November 2018. For the documentary film "Als ich mal groß war" he stood in front of the camera at the end of the year under the direction of Philipp Fleischmann.


He also shot the series "Andere Eltern" for TNT Comedy. The Mocumentary with Impro elements was broadcasted in spring 2019. Currently Sebastian Schwarz is in front of the camera for the second season.

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