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Welcome, Marie Burchard!

Welcome, Marie Burchard! From now on Senkbeil PR represents Marie in the field of public relations. All information about her you find here and Agentur Pauly.

At the moment she rehearses under the direction of Thomas Ostermeier for “Italienische Nacht”. The play premieres at the 1. March 2018. Next year she will be seen in the cinema films “Wuff – Folge dem Hund” by Detlev Buck, “Klassentreffen” by Til Schweiger, “Wenn Fliegen träumen” by Katharina Wackernagel and Jonas Grosch as well as “Caravan” under the direction of Sebastian Schipper. At the beginning of 2018 Marie Burchard will be seen in the new RTL-series “Sankt Maik”.

© Mathias Bothor



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